Sunday, March 7, 2010

Welcome 5th Hour

We have been discussing The Secret Life of Bees in class, and we have covered many aspects of the characters and how they can relate to us.

Please answer one of the following questions TRUE or FALSE, and then tell me why you think it is true or false with support from the text.

After you have commented on one of the questions, please respond to one of your peer's answers to a different question.
The Daughters of Mary, and all their rituals, are just like any other religion.

The queen bee mentioned in the epigrams is Lily.

T. Ray is a bad man who doesn’t have any reason for his actions other than plain-old-meanness.

August is wise. Her version of the truth is usually right.

May and April are too sensitive. Nobody feels things as strongly as they do.

Rosaleen is a powerful woman, but she doesn't really see the big picture most times.

June hates Lily because she is white.

Zach is wrong to lead Lily on. He knows they can never be together.