Sunday, March 7, 2010

June hates Lily because she is white.


  1. Just as Lily is slightly prejudice toward black people the same goes for June toward white people. Even though Lily did nothing wrong she still hates white people in general for all the violent things they have done towards her race.

    Marko Riviera.

  2. i definitely agree. When june was playing the cello she addmediately stopped playing when she saw lily which focused all attention on lily. Perhaps so that everyone can see that she is different.

    Gee Willickers

  3. I think this is false because I think June hates Lily she knows who she is from the beginning and she knows Debora is her mother and hates keeping that secret from her and everyone else and for that reason I believe that fact that she is white gives her more reason not to like her but its not the main reasoning she has for hating her.

    Mia Nicoletta.

  4. I don't think that this is true Marko... I think that the reason that June hates lily at first is because she is afraid to lose anymore people in her life. After he sister April and her friend Deborah she doesn't want to let more people in just so they can leave.
    -Agustus Johnson