Sunday, May 3, 2009

We have been speaking in class about the power of expectations. Whom do you think has the most power in Vermeer's household? How does this person relate to others? Does this person have a lot of preconceived notions and expectations about people? Do these expectations help this person or hinder them? Do the people this person has power over submit to their power, or do they fight against thieir power?
Is there a difference between secret and shared expectations? Do secrets allow expectations to be built up, and are they used by some characters to build up expectations? Discuss an example of a secret expectation from the novel and think about how it changes when the secret becomes shared.
Is there a difference between public and private expectations? What role does gossip and rumors have upon expectations in the novel?
Do expectations have a lasting effect, or is time going to eventually change expectations into reality? What happens at the end of the book to support your answer?
What effect does Griet have upon Vermeer? Why does he allow her to learn about painting? What does he see in her that he does not see in his wife? What are his expectations of Griet, and what are his expectations of his wife?
Discuss any differences you noticed between the expectations found in Vermer's household and in Griet's home. Which view of reality do you find to be the most realistic and why?