Monday, March 8, 2010

The queen bee mentioned in the epigrams is Lily.


  1. This statement is false.
    I believe the queen bee refered to in the epigrams is August, and Lily is just one of the bees in her colony. Everyone in the Boatwright household looks for her leadership, and Lily was attracted to the house from the picture of Black Mary.


  2. I agree with shyguy because like he said August is where everyone turns to for leadership. Lily spends almost the entire time being in "limbo" so to speak about her mother, confused on how much she loved her and why she left her. I believe that it would be hard to be a queen when you've only been around for a few years and your constantly confused about things, the true queen bee would have to be August or Rosaleen

    Snurgal the Turtle

  3. I disagree with shyguy, i believe the queen bee is lily, because she sees all the problems around her and chooses to do nothing to slove them. therefore she must be selfish just like a queen bee.
    -Austin H.-