Monday, March 8, 2010

May and April are too sensitive. Nobody feels things as strongly as they do.


  1. False. May and april are very sensitive, but alot of the sisters feel that way, but just know how to control the feelings. Everyone understands and just takes cares of her(May). Even when she starts balling while seeing blacks get abused on the news.

    -Slang Bangford

  2. TRUE: The gals are not too sensitive. They just are two girls growing up during a rough time. They have seen thier own friend, May, dead. That would probably make anyone kid sensitive.


  3. Slang Banford

    I dissagree with you. i think that they are a little too sensitive. i believe this because she May ends up comitting suicide and anybody who commits suicide is probably a little too sensitive and probably lets things get to her too easily causing her to be very depressed.

    -Albert Breneman

  4. Albert Breneman, it isnt May's fault that she has major depression. May shared a special kind of love with her sister that we can only dream about and we have no idea the pain she felt when something tragic happened.
    ~King Of Hearts

  5. May only killed herself to show August and June a point. May killed herself in respect to here sisters so that they would no longer have to look after her and be careful what they say around her. Killing herself was not out of sensitivity issues it was to help her sisters be able to have a better life when she was gone
    Michal Hunt

  6. I disagree with the first statement but agree completely with the second. May and April do feel things a lot stronger than most, however I do not believe they are TOO sensitive. Their sensitivity to others' thoughts, feelings, and emotions conrtibute greatly to who they are as people and how they handle situations. While it is unfortunate that May lost herself in her feelings and took her own life, it made a statement to her sisters and she did it out of love.
    ~Peter Parker