Monday, March 8, 2010

August is wise. Her version of the truth is usually right.


  1. August knows the truth about Lily as soon as she steps through the threshold. She is patient and seems to not make accusations. She lets Lily come to August on her own terms.August doesn't just want to throw Lily out just because Lily is lying. She waits. She seems to be the glue of her family.

  2. I totally agree Banjo! August seems to have a 6th sense about people. She seems to know when people are lying and when they're being fake. She also knows hot to spot good people.
    Mike Hawk

  3. I agree with Batman! Agust always tells the truth and she always is wise about her words and actions. She always seems to know what to do in situations and she keeps the peace in hard situations. When May dies she knows exactly what June must do.

  4. I agree from Batman and Bajo Kazooie. August is probably the wisest person Lily will ever know. She knows a truck load of stories with some kind of moral meaning in them. She tells many of those to Lily, some of those being about how their Black Mary protecting them. She is like honeycombs of a beehive to everyone in the book.
    -Soap On A Rope

  5. I agree with everyone. August was wise enough to wait for Lily to be ready to tell her about her mother, even though she knew the truth the whole time. She also interprets May's about June getting married, which in the end gives her happiness.

  6. i agree with Batman. Agust is very wise with everything she says and seems to alwasy be right. She is a quick thinker and resolves everything the correct way.

  7. i also agree with everyone augest is a one of a kind person. she seems to know everything that is going on and she is very understanding and motherly to every one.