Monday, March 8, 2010

June hates Lily because she is white.


  1. Hate is too strong a word to describe June's feeling towards Lily. And it starts with something alot more than Lily. June loved Lily's mother and just like T.Ray, June has hard feelings for her death and Lily is just a reminder of the lost loved one. But June doesnt hate Lily, she loves her, just in a weird way.
    ~King Of Hearts

  2. I believe that yes June does hate Lily partially because she is white. In the book when Lily is listening in to August and June having thier little argument in the beggining of the book when August says she can stay for a while June specifically says, but she is white. This is a pretty big indicator that part of the reason for hating Lily comes from the fact that she is white however I do believe that it is not the entire reason that she hates Lily. Later in the book Lily mentions Deborah Fontanell to May and she says she knows her which may mean that June knows that Lily is her daughter. Mentioned later in the book when Lily is talking to August, August says that June never liked her working for Deborah, perhaps because of this there is some more hate directed towards Lily just by being the offspring of Deborah.

    -Snurgal the Turtle

  3. This is false! June is bitter because August was a maid for Lily’s mother, and she didn’t agree with this. So she resented Deborah for it, and then took out this feeling on Lily, but does not hate her.She even comes around to loving her. :]
    -Number 3

  4. i would disagree with king of hearts, june doesnt "hate" lily because of her mothers death, she hates her bacause she is a reminder of debora and how august worked for her and took care of her. june hated august working for white people and hated debora for it even though it wasnt her fault at all. she also took that out on lily. she does hate her in the beginning but eventually grows to love her.

  5. I agree with Number 3. June just didn't agree with the fact that her sister was a maid for Lily mother. August took the time to explain that to Lily. June does eventually end up loving Lily too.
    -Optimus Prime