Monday, March 8, 2010

The Daughters of Mary, and all their rituals, are just like any other religion.


  1. Michael Hunt
    False-the daughters of Mary have their own spiritual ritual and their own beliefs which they think will help them strive in life and be better people like touching the heart of the black Mary statue

  2. Mike Hawk
    False. This isn't true. Many other religions don't even have rituals. A lot of religions you can worship on your own time and in you own way.

  3. False:

    The Daughters of Mary do have some ideas that are like other religions, but many things are quite different. I'm pretty sure other religions don't rub honey all over a black Mary statue, or touch their hand to her heart. How the Daughters practice their relgion is also quite different. Instead of going to church every Sunday, they meet in the Boatwright's living room and sing and tell stories. Putting the image of the Black Mary on the honey jars tells the world of the unique ideas they have.

    Imma Leprechaun

  4. Imma Leprechaun,

    I chose thise one to respond to since the other pen names are just ridiculously stupid. I disagree with you because I feel that all religions are fundamentally exactly the same in all respects. They each have their own rituals and individual names of people and places. Yet, each one seems to be the same cake with a slightly different color and style of frosting.

    -Gordon Freeman

  5. True and False, it's false in the sense that the exact rituals that they practice are very unique, but true because every religion has some type of ritual such as lent, or.... idk thats the first one that comes to mind because i've been talking about it with someone lately.

  6. Oh yes, i agree with imma leprechaun strongly

  7. I agree with Diplomash. Different relegions can have many different rituals but they also have many similar rituals. They may believe in different things but the ideas of how they support and worship what they believe in is all very similar.
    -jonny quest-

  8. True, the people are come together and worship Mary, they compare to most of the other religious groups.
    -Austin H.-