Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Zach is wrong to lead Lily on. He knows they can never be together.


  1. False. I disagree because I don't believe he was "leading her on" because he liked her and I think that he wanted to be with her and he wanted to be with her really bad, and when they were in the car I think that he was hoping that they could someday be together. And when he said, "You gotta try whats never been" or something like that I think that he was emplying that he wishes they could be together someday soon.

    Writeums Mclots

  2. Zach and Lily have chemistry no doubt, but zach could never be seen with Lily in public. If they would ever be seen together both Lily and Zach would be in trouble with the law. Lily would be put in jail, but worse Zach would most likely get his butt kicked. They should try again in 20 years thats about the time when all the racial tension between whites and blacks cooled off again. Personally I think they were a really cute couple.

    - Haley Lorraine

  3. False, i dont think Zach was really leading her on, and i think she cared about Lily, but he just wasnt able to be seen with her in public. So really Zach was just trying to protect Lily.
    John McCoy

  4. I agree with Writeums Mclots because Zach was all about breaking the social lines, especially when he strived to be a lawyer. He knew that some people wouldn't take him seriously but he wanted to prove them wrong. I think this correlates to how he was with Lily because he wasn't afraid of getting involved with her because she was white. I think he genuinely was 'sweet' on Lily because she accepted him for who he was, too. And again with the quote of, "You gotta imagine what has never been," Zach knows that there is more to relationships than color and he is willing to go for it. I also think it was a kind gesture when he gave her his necklace because that means he wants her to think of him all the time because he says that he is thinking about her all the time. I don't think this is leading her on because his emotions and actions are the real deal.

    -Hazel Leigh

  5. When Writeums Mclots said "I don't believe he was leading her on," I had to disagree. Zach was leading her on but she also like him too. Together they knew that their love for eachother was forbidden. They truly did love to be around eachother and talk together. The quote that Zach said "you gotta imagine whats never been" implies that although they both know that their love is forbidden they have to try anyways because someone slways has to be the first at whatever they are doing. Clearly I believe that Zach and Lily's relationship is worth trying and eventhough people may not support them.

    Lorraine Brown

  6. i agree with johm mcCoy. Zach seemed like he was only protecting her because he liked her and made it seem like he was leading her on because he couldnt been seen in public witth her