Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Daughters of Mary, and all their rituals, are just like any other religion.


  1. False, and the picture of mary on the honey jar is African American, showing how all races should be equal.

    John McCoy

  2. While the Daughters of Mary have their own unconventional religion, I feel like it is like any other religion. They are devout and acknowledge meaningful events such as Assumption Day. They see that they need Mary and that she is always with them. This is similar to the Christian belief that Jesus is the savior and that he is always with them. Mary is the savior for them because she shows that nothing in this world can chain them down, because Mary broke through the chains just as mentioned on page 110, "They call her Our Lady of Chains because she broke them."
    I also feel like this is a religion because towards the end of the book, Lily starts to understand that the reason for having Mary in her life isn't so she can reign from above but so that she can, "Go inside the holes life has gouged out of us," (302). In my mind it seems like this is a good side effect of a true religion.

    -Hazel Leigh

  3. Not only is it showing a different race other than white on the front of the jar, but its also referring to religion, as said in the question. This statement is false because not all religions are the same. The rituals of Mary and her daughters are strickly Catholic/Chrisitan.

    Christine Jean

  4. The above comment is too short, and doesn't explain the true meaning. Every religion has their own way of experessing their faith through rituals, prayer, etc. The african american religion is not the same followings as the christian/catholic religion, it has it's own flair.


  5. I belive that this is true. The Religion that the sisters worship is just like any other in that they have their own celebrations, rituals, set of beliefs, and background that is quite similar to other religions. They have mary day, or assumption day, to worship their god/idol, which is alot like christmas for the christians. they pray to the mary everyday consistantly just like people pary at church and in some religions at home. they belive that the mary will protect them through what ever they are doing, which is alot like what people god will do day in and day out. Their back ground is much like other religions as wehll, their savior came in a mysterious manner and when they tried to chain the statue up the statue broke the "chains" and ran away.

    Fish & Muffins

  6. Trim Mcbush
    True: I think this is true because even though there were a lot of religions and different thoughts on religion there rituals and religion were pretty much along the same line as everyone elses. To support this Lily prays to god when she is trying to find May by the river, and when Lily finally finds her May is dead and Lily prays to God for him to bring her back. So I think that even though blacks and whites were a lot different they all still prayed to God for his help in some way even if it was a small thing or a big thing.

  7. The above comment that thinks the comment above that one is too short, is too short. Your comment doesn't explain the true meaning, rather simply argues with no evidence to support it's own arrogance. You say every religion has a different way of expressing their rituals, which is EXACTLY the same as your following sentence: The african american religion is not the same followings as the christian/catholic religion, it has it's own flair. So you have not only pointed out that the above comment is wrong and short, but also made your comment the SAME LENGTH with no real detail, and pointless repitition. Clearly every religion is different, good job for repeating something that obvious. To answer the actual question however, you might say that indeed the Daughters' religion is unique like every other relgion, creating both similarities and differences. This is evident in its clear relationship to their occupation, Beekeepers, as well as their place in society, which requires a black madona with a story of enslaved people such as them selves. In this way their story is unique to their situation, but it is also similar to the THEME of many other religions. The sisters religion talks about a god, salvation, and freedom, much like any other religion.

  8. Mary Merriwether
    False,the Daughters of Mary are far different from any religion formed before them. They have different values and practices from those of other religions. The daughters of Mary are a very free group of women and they are much more accepting than the average religion. The way all of the women other than June treat Lilly shows us their great acceptance reguardless of her race. She is an outsider and is treated like she belongs with them. The daughters of Mary take Lilly in and almost treat her as thier daughter. Many other religions can judge too much but the way we see the Daughters of Mary act towards Lilly shows that they don't judge in any way. The daughters of Mary are, at times, more like a family than a religion, and Lilly is a part of it. At first we see August's acceptance and then others join her. One member of the group even offers to make her a hat to wear to the services.

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