Tuesday, March 9, 2010

August is wise. Her version of the truth is usually right.


  1. True, throughout the book August gives numerous advice to Lily to make her overall feel better about herself. An example of this is when August told Lily details about her mom, and was very supportive even with the harsh truth. Another example could be when May dies, Lily took it better than expected because August gave advice about living her life to the fullest.


  2. True, August's versions of the truth is usually right. Throughout the book, when she gives advice to Lily it always makes Lily feel better. An example of this is when Lily told her about her mom and she was very supportive and was able to make her feel better with her version of the truth. Also, when may died Lily took it well because she listened to what August said. August stressed to Lily that she should be living everyday to the fullest and once its your time to go, be grateful.

    Christine Jean

  3. True, August is often right when she gives advice to Lily. She often gives Lily advice to help her feel better about her mother's death. August also made Lily feel better when May died.
    John McCoy

  4. On Emstar's comment I think they left out the fact that even when June said no to letting Lily stay at your house her wisdom and kindness told her otherwise! She brings a whole new demension to Lily's life and really helps her realize the importance of work and how the Queen Bee works! I would compare Augusts wisdom to the wisdom and motherly nature of that of a Queen Bee.


  5. True, August is a woman of many truths and wisdom. Her advice did help Lily and is often right. She helped Lily snap out of her grieving stage and get back into life. August though, uses her advice not only for Lily but for the rest of the people around her.
    "Regrets don't help anything, you know that."
    Lily realized, that regretting things doesn't get you anywhere and that at a point in time you have to move on because your gunna be stuck. Life is gunna wait for you its gunna keep on going so you can either catch up with life and live it to the fullest or you can just be stuck and watch life pass you by and later on wish that you had took the time to realize what life had in store for the future instead of looking in the past and not moving on.
    -Lady Gaga

  6. I believe this statement to be true for various reasons. August is a very wise woman who has taught Lily many things about life and about bees. When Lily asks August why she painted the house pink if her favorite color was blue. She explains to Lily that it was May who picked out the color and even though August knew that lifting May's heart was more important than choosing a more conventional color of paint. "'You know, some things don't matter that much, Lily. Like the color of a house. How big is that in the overall scheme of life? But lifting a person's heart-now that matters." August sees things different than other people and she believes that people do see the right thing to do, but just choose not to do it. Lily realizes that August wants her to tell her the truth, but she knows that it will be one of the hardest things to do. There are many examples throughout the book of how August teaches things to Lily that she had never thought about before.
    -Kaya Litterson

  7. I agree with Emstar. I think that because August is older and has more experiences in life, her advice is helpful and truthful. August was able to help Lily because like Lily, August's mother is dead. They both have a common connection, so Lily trusts August. Their relationship is strong and because of that, August is more likely to tell Lily the truth. August told Lily the truth when the time was right. She knew that it would be worse to lie to her rather than to tell her the truth, even if it would hurt her.


  8. This is in response to all of the comments above. I believe that statement to be true. August plays the role of the wise older sister throught the entire book. Some examples would be when she tells Lily about her mom, when May dies and tells her to not be afraid of living your life, when she tells Lily about Mays wall and how her world is different from other peoples. She is not only a support for Lily, but also for her sisters. After May dies, August tells June that she need to fully live her life and that she should marry Neil. She provides the glue keeping everyone together. She was granted the role as queen bee and without the queen, the rest will fall apart.
    -Victoria Voorhees

  9. i agree with john mcoys comment because August made Lily feel better when May died because May said that it was her time to die and that they should all live their lives to the fullest. And not have May bring their lives down and August understands that so she is being supportive to Lily and everyone else

    Jack Adams