Tuesday, March 9, 2010

May and April are too sensitive. Nobody feels things as strongly as they do


  1. False, they are sensitive, but i dont think that they are too sensitive, they have just been through a lot in their lives, much like to other characters in this book.
    John McCoy

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  3. I'm pretty sure they are too sensitive Mr. John McCoy. They go into detail with everything they talk about. Before May died, April died. May had such a hard time with her sister dieing. Plus the rest of her family including her mom and dad. May felt like such a horrible person who had nothing to live for. She was even able to kill herself in the river by throwing a rock on top of her. Crazy sensitive I think.


  4. I too think John McCoy is not right. While it it true that they have been through a lot They both killed themselves for the pain of others. What about June and August? They went through the same things. Are you saying that both are not sensitive at all? They were both very sensitive, it is not really a bad thing but some would call it a psychological disorder.

    Dogs & Pancakes

  5. There is some sensitivity that is expected from both May and April. Sensitivity is expected in all individuals dealing with stressful situations, and May and April are no exceptions. But, I can understand those who think there is no excuse for suicide thinking that May and April are oversensitive due to the fact that they couldn't work out their depression and
    chose a quick route out of life.