Friday, October 30, 2009

Biomimicry in action

Biomimicry in action

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  1. Janine Benyus spoke about biomimicry in action. Biomimicry is sustainable innovation inspried by nature. In today's society we as humans have forgotten that we were not the first to build or the first organisms on Earth. By mimicking nature, we ahve advanced our technology. For example, by observing the King Fisher and how it can put its beak into water witihoug making a splash, or change densities without a disturbance, the front of a bullet trail was designed like the beak of a King Fisher. We need to think befoe we begin to tackle an issue, 'how does nature solve this?' Humans need to use the blueprints and recipes that nature has provided us. By minimizing the kind of material, and adding to the design, we can mimic nature.
    I agree with Janine Benysus bacause a lot of useful inventions have been mimicked from nature. By following different organisms, we can make great things, and become better acquainted with nature.

    *nature freak